O u r S e r v i c e s

Ma Afrika Gospel Music Production Studios

Our Music Studio is exclusively for gospel music and we may check the background of the artist, even if you are paying. We really request that you be a Christian before singing gospel music. We encourage you to go for the purpose. 


We do embroidery for groups and individuals. Please complete the contact form for a quotation. 

CD Pressing

We can prepare you CDs for music, Presentations and other events

Print Screening

We do screenprinting for groups and individuals. Please complete the contact form for a quotation. 

Video and Photography

See the past in the future and create you fantasy world and marketing ads. We love to do it for you. 

The 10th Generation Music

Young music crew from across Bushbuckridge create and recreate some of the best songs. Great anointing to revive you daily. 

The Leadership

We invite you to send email to info@pavestudios.co.za if you want to be part of our leadership workshops


Run2Fly Ministries and Book Collection

We do water systems, Solar electricity and distribute books in Mpumalanga and Eastern Africa. All this is free for the elderly and child headed families. You can donate by completing the contact form and request for more information.  

The Lord's Flock Church

We are saving towards building a church structure where we are going to nature the souls of the sheep. We are anointed to teach financial deliverance, Business start-ups and sustain, Family Deliverance, Proud Citizen

Africa Farming Village

We invite all Christians who would like to sow into a farming project in eastern Africa and earn dividends if there are. The project is a network of different farming projects and treated as an investment. Our primary goal is to fight to eradicate poverty and lack of food by empowering communities to farm and to access markets. 

KLM Investment and Asset management

With a lot of projects that involves money and the Future unseen financial need, we structurized a platform for investors to prepare and for people looking for funds to find assistance. 


Aircrafts, Road and Rail transportation systems to bring feasibility closer to home.

KLM Recreation

Supporting those who needs a little help and encouraging those who uplift others

Health X

Hospital Foundation that ensures the best and latest medical technology is made available and affordable. 

Custom Logos

We create Logos for your branding purposes.


Fashion style is not complete without a collection on bags for you moves. We have all the bags you may need. 

Business Cards

Woman or Man on the move? You need a great business card.


Artist Management

We offer good deals for Gospel artists. We have studio facility. Our production is across genre and suite any gospel artist style. Send email or complete our contact form for a quotation.

Complexity Concerts

We started a revolution of music concerts and revival to keep the children of God on fire through out Bush

The Village Church Project

We reach out to local village church in eastern Africa. Please contact us with your request and we will make plans to visit your church. Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique, Eastern Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, East DRC, Uganda, Somalia, Ethiopia

Eastern Broadcast Battle Radio

Our Christian Radio focuses on the fundamental theories of our faith, the Prophetic message of the end times, the Holy Spirit baptism, working of miracles through the power of the word of God. We also have a free bible school, you only buy the study material 

Eastern Broadcast Battle Show

We bring together the battles of young and older people to display a good skill and knowledge transfer 

10th Generations Mighty Remnant Youth Camps

Designed for young people to get empowerment and mix with other young people in the Lord. All the youth must have letter from parents or guardian and church in order to participate. The camp is free, there is food and events, and accommodation. We take 300 young people each year for this annual event. 

Christian Entertainment Events

We put together showground, theatre, Race wars,  Adventures and golf course for your friendly amusement. 


City Church Projects

Joining hands with churches in the cities to bring soul into the kingdom in their cities 

Africa City Markets

Bringing Africa into one and taking it across the globe may have been attempted by leaders but here we are as business, creating an impactful pitch of “Africa has arrive” pride in all sector. 

The Academy

A platform of learning. Whatever is useful and can be taught we create laboratory and seek to teach the edge of the matters. 

Holy Mount Production

Our production studios in Pretoria and Mpumalanga will tantalize your imaginations. We have productions such as The Apostle, Age, Intimate, Zero, The Coalition and more

Join The Family

You can E-Mail us at info@pavestudios.co.za to request membership in a few platforms above.